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Concealed Carry

CTU will prepare you in the selection of your firearm

Comfortable, Concealable, Confidence, Capacity, Control & Caliber

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concealed carry education

Train to stop the threat & to be justified by the court

If the proper steps are not taken while defending ones self, the phrase "innocent til proven guilty" may not seem to apply.


Concealed Carry is a very different environment; it is where your gun can become a False Sense of Security and brings the good guy one Word, one Moment, one Action from becoming the criminal; we posses great pride in providing our students with the proper training that you will survive the incident and be justified by the Court!!! -Barton-

Posted by Citizens Tactical Unit Firearms Training Academy on Friday, October 31, 2014

Concealed Carry taught with a Unique Perspective from the Tactical Advantage

Live action firing combined with our unique crisis training prepares to respond efficiently and lawfully.

Own It!

The final step is committing our training to muscle memory. Continuously training to refine our techniques and response time.

If We Are Not Trained To Respond To A Particular Situation We Will React In A Most Regretful Manor

Train like you own it!