What will I learn from CTU's Concealed Carry Course

All of CTU's programs are designed to arm you with the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to keep you and your family alive.

With our unique "Live-Fire Action Simulator" Play Demo Video we will submit the learned skills to muscle memory. Ensuring your defense tactics are second nature and readily available so you survive the threat and are justifiable in court.

  • How bullets work
  • Why they work
  • Why thy fail
  • How to select proper ammunition for your firearm and self-defense
  • Basic fundamental differences between:
    • Revolvers & Semi-automatics
    • Fit and feel of each
  • How to select an appropriate firearm for your needs
  • How to select the right firearm for the fit of your hand
  • Understand how to recoignize and manage adrenalin dumps
  • Master the dynamics necessary to lawfully draw your firearm
    • Ability, Opportunity & Jeopardy
    • Imminent Threat & Great Bodily Harm
  • Understand how the 3 perceptions will affect your ability to fire your weapon
  • Learn how calling 911 can place you in harms way
  • Learn shooting skills: Play Demo Video
    • Crises Training Play News Report
    • Snap-to-stance
    • Sight Alignment
    • Site Picture
    • Bullseye Shooting
    • Point Shooting
    • Multi-position shooting methodology - with the opportunity to practice these positions on our private indoor range
    • Wounded/Handicapped Defense Play Demo Video
  • Learn what it takes to Survive the threat and be justified by the court.
Taught from the foundation of Hapkido, you will learn:
  • Proper firearm draw
  • How to retain your firearm if the "bad guy" grabs it
  • Weapon retention techniques if attacked from the:
    • front
    • back
    • sides (both strong side and reaction side)
  • Hapkido breakaway techniques